QSL Cards

I offer my own custom QSL card designs for sale for a fee of $9.95 per design. What you get for the money is a set of design files - a PSD file (Adobe Photoshop), a PDF file (Adobe Acrobat), and a JPEG image file, all at a resolution of 300dpi and suitable for printing. I will customize each design to your specifications, including the addition of logos, awards, and the like.

Designs are arranged by category, and you can browse a category by selecting below. Alternatively, you can browse all designs at once. Looking for something but don't see it here? Let me know, and I'll add it! Contact Me About a Custom QSL Card Design

The Designs

All of my designs are based around the "standard" QSL card size, 5-1/2 inches wide by 3-1/2 inches high. I can design to a custom size if requested, however. Most of my designs are doubled-sided, with a "callsign" based front and a "QSO data" based back. However, a few of the designs are one-sided, with everything needed on the front.

Here is a typical QSL design, showing front and back:


Browse QSL Card Designs by Category

ALL QSLs - 35 QSLs
Abstract - 3 QSLs
Astronomy - 3 QSLs
Aviation - 4 QSLs
Cityscape - 2 QSLs
Landscape - 3 QSLs
Maps - 2 QSLs
Radio - 2 QSLs
Religious - 2 QSLs
Seascape - 4 QSLs
Simple - 5 QSLs
Skyscape - 4 QSLs
Technology - 1 QSLs

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