All QSL Designs
QSL TitleDescriptionImage
Compas Rose in GrayHere is a simple design whose impact as a card is heightened by the use of a soft grayscale palette. Not for everyone, perhaps, but stunning nonetheless!
Signal SpectrumAn abstract design featuring rectangles that mimic a signal histogram.
Phone SpaceHere's a techno-abstract design that features a smart phone on a planar grid.
Beam at SunsetA sunset sky behind a multi-band beam antenna
USA TerrainA clean looking card featuring a terrain map of the USA, with your state highlighted.
A Beam in the CloudsWhat is more lovely than a beam against a bunch of cumulus clouds on a sunny day?
The Green MachineA card featuring a green-hued micro-processor that shows through where there is text.
Colorado MountainsA nice landscape of the mountains of Colorado.
TomcatA Navy F-14 Tomcat above the clouds.
Golden HarborA sailboat anchored in a harbor at sunset.
Plain SimpleJust a basic, no-frills QSL card.
ReflectionsA basic card design with reflections effects on the text.
HerculesA C-130 Hercules above the clouds.
Attack ChopperA Navy attack helicopter fixing to land.
Downtown DenverView of downtown Denver looking west.
Weathered WorldA textured world map background.
Moored at End of DayA sailboat at anchor at end of day.
SuperfortsTwo early model B-29s flying in formation.
Church Silhouette at DawnA nice silhouette of a church with a quote from Psalms.
Collins ReceiverAn older Collins receiver as a background, done as a near grayscale.
Autumn LeavesA very translucent image of autumn leaves serves as the background for this card.
Third PlanetA view of the solar system, featuring "3rd Planet" in the address.
Church on Christmas NightAnother great scene of a church, this one on a cold, snowy night - presumably Christmas.
Small Town SunsetHere's a nice silhouette of a small town water tank at sunset, an image of America's heartland.
Dipole Antenna Against a Blue SkyNice background photo of a dipole against an empty blue sky.
Out WestNice western background with a stylistically congruent font.
On the BeachAn empty beach scene with text in and under the water.
Old GloryU.S. flag against an empty sky
Heathkit ReceiverCard featuring a Heath GR-64 from the 1960s.
MIT CampusHere's an arial view of the MIT campus in Cambridge, Massachusetts.
3905 Century ClubHere is a basic design inspired by the suggestions of the 3905 Century Club.
Messier 43Here is an astronomy themed card featuring the Messier object M43.
The Milky WayHere is a view of the Milky Way across the night sky. The timed exposure reveals much more detail than the human eye can detect.
Compass Rose IIA variation on a previous design.
Sailing ShipHere's a nice design for those with a nautical bent.